Published by Child’s Play (International) Ltd UK

26th January 2015.

Grandmother Lola can’t stand sardines, but Grandfather Lolo loves them and eats them every day! When she runs out of sardines, Lola can’t bear to think of Lolo going hungry and decides to go fishing – with unexpected results! What on earth will Lola eat when sardines are the only food on offer? And what will Lolo do when he finds out his beloved Lola is missing? Sardines of love is out!!!

La abuela Lola odia las sardinas pero las prepara amorosa para su querido Lolo hasta que un día las sardinas se acaban!!! Lola presurosa, coge la caña del abuelo Lolo y se dirige a pescar alguna sardina para la cena del abuelo Lolo… una gran aventura está por llegar!!!!

Ya está a la venta Sardines of Love, una divertida historia entre los abuelitos Lolo y Lola y sus sardinas. Lo edita Child’s Play International y espero que os guste!!!

★ Selected for the Sharjah International Book Fair 2015


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Author: Zuriñe Aguirre

Illustrated by: Zuriñe Aguirre

First Published:  26 January 2015

Soft cover:36 pages


Product Dimensions:250mm x 250mm

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